Image result for self help technologyThere is no doubt that we live in a boom of technology and the boom is getting louder, faster and more intense by the day. We are getting bombarded by information through the technology. It seems our need for more and more information is insatiable and the desire for more is worth billions of dollars to information technology data collecting corporations.
But that is not really what I am here to discuss. The term technology, comes from the Greek word, tekhnologia, meaning, systematic treatment.
That is interesting isn’t it? It gives a whole new meaning to the term. It is more of a voul rather than a noun.
But that is closer to the type of technology I am discussing here. The technology of treating people. How technology is used to help better ourselves.   In this case, it really is information in its essence. It isn’t a gadget like an iphone or computer interface. It is information.
Taking this term further, systematic treatment, means a systematic approach to treating someone like a client or a patient. This type of technology is based more on insight, intuition or a sixth sense much as someone like a person like this massage therapist in Overland Park KS is like. Someone like an intuitive reader uses technology to see into someone’s life and give them an objective view about what they are picking up from someone. This can mean many different things and can be very useful to that person for whatever issue they came to talk about.
So thinking of technology in this way gives another dimension to the word. A more human definition, that implies that we are technology and the way we interface with the world involves some organic technology if you will.
How do some people have such a strong sixth sense of intuitive abilities? They are almost born with it, although anyone can develop this ability.
So information, technology, gadgets are all different areas unto themselves but they were developed within the human psychology and brought to fruition through our natural technology. But the interesting thing is that technology is not something we can always see.